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Sept. 21, 2017

Dear Members of the Catholic University Community,
President GarveyOver the course of the last few weeks we have witnessed an unthinkable series of natural disasters which have wreaked havoc on our nation and our neighbors. Hurricane Irma trailed Hurricane Harvey; Mexico City and surrounding areas were hit with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday; now Puerto Rico and surrounding islands have been leveled by Hurricane Maria – and this after sustaining the peripheral effects of Hurricane Jose.

Even though our geographical region is unaffected, our community has been intimately touched by these events. Many members of our faculty, staff, and student body are concerned for loved ones and coping with loss. If you are in need of support, please avail yourself of University resources. Campus Ministry, the Counseling Center, and the Dean of Students are available to provide support to all members of the University community. Students wishing to use the Counseling Center’s services can do so on a walk-in basis during business hours daily. This Sunday the 11 a.m. bilingual Mass at St. Vincent’s will be offered for those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  The collection will support Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities Puerto Rico. 

Rebuilding and recovery take a long time.  Our offices welcome feedback on how we can continue to offer appropriate and thorough support for all who are affected in the near and long term.  Please do let us know what you need.

— John Garvey

What Can You Do?


  • Continued prayers on the part of the community will be offered for the victims of the Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, and the earthquake in Mexico City.


Donations can be dropped off at the Campus Ministry Office and will be given to Catholic Charities- Cariitas.

Why Financial Donations Now?

Families are going to need food, clothing and shelter. The most effective way we can help families is raise funds and then empower families to regain some sort of normalcy by being able to purchase their own food items, clothes, etc. In short, financial donations cut down on hidden cost and prevent delays in getting families exactly what they need to begin the recovery processes. 


  • Letters of Encouragement: (Spanish or English)  Write notes and prayers to the students, families and alumni who have been affected by Hurricane Maria.
  • Letters can also be dropped off at the Campus Ministry Office. 


  • Keep up with the news stories on the impact and the relief efforts.
  • Talk to your classmates about the well-being of their families. 


CUA Cares

CUA Cares is an initiative of the Office of Campus Ministry that has mobilized in the past after tragedies in the U.S., Japan, Philippines, Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, the South Pacific, and Nepal, and after the shooting at Virginia Tech. 

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CUACares Helps Japanese Earthquake Victims in 2011  
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Message from the Bishops of Puerto Rico

"Let us overcome the barriers, selfishness and divisions that may exist between us, and unite to rebuild our homeland, which shines with the beautiful, noble and Christian values that live in our hearts, and spring from our identity.

"Jesus comes to meet us, calms the storm and give us confidence. He invites us to walk towards Him, takes us by the hand and will not let us sink, so that we can say: 'Everywhere we are pressed, but not crushed.'

"In these days, where basic resources are scarce, especially light and water, let us enter into personal and community prayer with the Lord [and continue to offer] gestures of solidarity with those brothers and sisters in need."